What Makes Crawfort So Popular?

money lenders in Singapore

A money lender in Singapore offers loans to individuals at an interest rate, and they help many people to commence a small business from scratch without any problem at all. You will come across quite a few money lenders in Singapore at present, and therefore, it is quite overwhelming to select the best money lender Singapore out there. Below, we have mentioned the various reasons why it will be a sensible idea to borrow loans from these types of lending companies at present.

Provides free consultation 

These money lenders do not charge their clients for providing any consultation or advice. Customer gratification is their main objective, and they try to satisfy their clients in the best possible way. Authentic advice is needed by the clients for prospering their businesses and also for their individual development.

Simple to locate

No one likes to borrow money from a lender who cannot be located easily in Singapore. However, it is quite easy to locate a reliable and renowned moneylender. They have got at least one or two physical offices which you will be able to visit in person if the need arises. Moreover, they also have got their official websites where you will find a plethora of information regarding the lending company. Apart from this, most of them have a registered landline, which can be contacted by you if you feel like it.

Quicker approval time

At times, we face extreme financial crisis, and we hardly have any time to wait for our next salaries. We might be needed to make some minor car repairs, or we might need to pay off the monthly energy bills out there. In these types of serious situations, we are in need of some quick cash that can solve the problem successfully. Otherwise, we might suffer from a lot of stress and tension, which is definitely harmful to our health.

However, a certified money lender in Singapore will allow you to submit the application form on the web. You need to submit the basic documents for making verifications on your income, employment status, and so forth. Although these can have an effect on whether you will be approved for the loan, your credit score won’t matter whatsoever.

The whole procedure will be conducted professionally, which helps to make sure that you need not worry about any scams at all. For this reason, always ensure that the lending company is a licensed one that has been operating for quite some time in Singapore.

No need for any lengthy paperwork

It is a fact that unsecured loans are provided by these certified money lenders, and you need not perform any tedious credit rating reviews as compared to the banks out there. It would be extremely stressful in case you would need to wait for a long time to obtain the loans. However, you need not wait much while dealing with a legal and certified money lender in Singapore. As a matter of fact, your loans will become approved within only a few days of the application process. The steps required for getting the loans are quite simple, and anyone can perform them easily without any issues at all.

Absence of any hidden cost

Some of the money lenders might provide you with additional charges in the later phases of the application process. However, a proper lending company will properly inform you regarding any extra fees that might creep up in the long run. You ought to understand all these charges prior to signing up for the loan so as to avoid any unwanted headaches afterward.

Every client is respected

It is a fact that your business might not run smoothly at all times, and you might be needed to skip a repayment at one time or the other. In case a moneylender does not have any respect for the client, he might become abusive during that time. On the other hand, a reliable lending company will provide you with ample time to raise the cash for repayment. Always verify the online reviews from the previous customers, which will provide you with a fair idea regarding the moneylender you are about to deal with.


The terms and conditions of the reliable lending companies in Singapore are quite flexible in nature. The company will offer you a plan that will be effective for you without compelling you to blend into a particular repayment plan. Having a flexible plan will allow the client to pay off the loan without going through any monetary stress at all.

All these happen to be the primary attributes of a trustworthy and legitimate lending company in Singapore. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about CRAWFORT, which is deemed to be one of the leading lending companies in Singapore at present.

What makes CRAWFORT so special?

CRAWFORT happens to be a licensed lending company in Singapore which has been licensed under the Ministry of Law in the country. Loans tailored to the requirements of the clients are being offered by the company at present. They are known to offer different types of loans, including business loans, personal loans, bridging loans, as well as payday loans.

Personal loan

A personal loan will help you to pay off your son’s tuition fees, monthly bills, credit card bills, and so forth. The simple and flexible process of taking out a personal loan will make it very easy for you to get extra cash in the shortest time possible.

Payday Loan

You might be in need of some additional cash for meeting any unforeseen situation. In fact, ad-hoc expenses can creep up all of a sudden, and the fast payday loans from CRAWFORT will come of use to you in the long run.

Business loan

All businesses are in need of some additional money in case you need to expand them in the right direction. The business loans provided by this lending company will help you to prosper your business successfully.

Go to to get more info regarding the company. You can also call them over the phone and contact their customer support in case you do have any queries.