Why Website Translation Matters?

Why Website Translation Matters?

Are you planning to connect to foreign audiences using your website to increase your product or services sales? If yes, website translations are a powerful tool for you. 

Some of you may find it unnecessary or costly. But did you know that it matters, especially if you want to reach a specific audience? For example, if you’re marketing to Chinese tourists, it is best to have a Chinese version of your website. With website translation, your audience can understand your message, and eventually, it can capture them and convert them as your customer. 

But, there are more reasons why getting a website translation agency matters. And on this post, we will highlight the top advantages of website translation. 

What are website translations?

Website translation is the process of making the original content of a website adapt to a new language to make it accessible to foreign audiences or global audiences.

On some websites, you can find that their site is available in a new language, but some have multiple languages.

There are numerous advantages of website translation when done correctly. The benefits of website translation do not simply pertain to improving site functionality and creating brand recognition for your company. It can go beyond this.

Website translation is a crucial aspect of e-business that can directly impact your company’s reputation and ability to communicate with customers worldwide.

Top Reasons Why Website Translation Matters?

Providing Multiple Languages helps to enhance communication.

Making your website accessible to multiple languages can help to improve your communication with your global audiences. They can understand the messages that you wanted to deliver. The latest research (Can’t Read, Won’t Buy 2020) published by Common Sense Advisory shows that 40% of non-English consumers won’t buy in other languages. About 65% preferred to buy in their native language. It only implies that multilingual websites matter. And it shows that localisation matters. 

Be able to reach a wider Audience Globally

With website translation, it can make your website available in various languages. You can able to attract non-English audiences across the world or depending on available languages.

The products that you offer may not only be needed by your local audiences, but other users around the world may need them. Like if you are a hospitality website, you must make sure that your content must be available in various languages. For example, it is essential that it is not only available to English-speaking countries, but there are other audiences that are interested like the Chinese, the French, Russians, and many more.

Being Able to Expand Your Brand Reach

As you reach a wider audience globally, you’ll find that you can improve your brand awareness. Various audiences around the globe can notice your products or services. As they can fully understand your message, they can able to recognise your brand.

Increase traffic and revenue

Every website’s goal was to attain increasing traffic and revenue. With a multilingual website, you can able to provide the best online experience. Also, with website translation and proper SEO, you can improve your search visibility which can help in bringing more traffic to your website.

When consumers can understand and utilise a variety of languages, they feel more comfortable buying from you.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

When you see that your competitors are not doing website translation, you have a higher chance of getting a more significant market share. It will also mean that you are on a better competitive advantage, making your brand stand out from the rest.

Deliver a world-class customer service

One of the best ways to provide world-class service is to offer your website in the native languages of your prospective audiences. As mentioned above, it can help to increase your brand awareness and support your product or services. In the end, it can lead to an increase in conversion and sales.


In the end, you will find that translating your website has a lot of benefits to offer. You have many benefits to uncover. It allows your brand and business to grow globally.

Translating your website may not be easy if you will do it on your own. But, with the help of a professional translation company, they can help you achieve your goals.

If you choose to hire a professional website translation service or translator, they will have high-quality tools and language experts who can quickly and accurately translate your information. Using a professional service will also ensure consistency across the board.